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Vision Insurance Plans

Our office participates in many vision and medical insurance plans, including those listed below. Every insurance company has their own way to identify members and give us authorization to see you.

Due to the complexity of the medical and vision insurance industry we ask that you call our office to confirm eligibilty.

When you make the appointment, ask if we accept your vision plan. We may need birth dates, I.D. numbers, or social security numbers of the member and the person having the exam. Be sure to tell us before you come in for your appointment as we need time to contact the insurance company and confirm your eligibility and obtain authorization. As you know, in some cases, that can be time consuming and needs to be verified ahead of time or we may not be able to bill the company.

These are some of the vision plans we accept:


United Health Care











And others. Please ask!

 If your company is not listed here, we will gladly call to check your insurance coverage. If we are out of network, we will give you any paperwork necessary to file an out of network claim. Most plans will reimburse you for part of your vision examination with an of network doctor.
We are constantly expanding our insurance acceptance to reduce your out of pocket expences.