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Have You Had a Routine Eye Exam Recently?

For those of us who have eyes that are in good condition, it's normal to miss the importance of a routine eye exam. Nevertheless, timely detection of any eye or vision problems is crucial to keeping your eyes healthy. And all it requires is a yearly eye exam.

Numerous optical problems don't have any apparent signs. Therefore, individuals are often unaware that problems exist. You can schedule a thorough eye examination at our Knoxville, TN office, where our highly-trained optometry team provides service suited to the needs of every patient. Our Knoxville vision center employs cutting-edge technology ensuring a thorough eye exam.

Unfortunately, over than three million Americans have glaucoma, the leading cause of vision loss but only half of them know it. Often called ''the sneak thief of sight'', glaucoma can cause substantial harm without any forewarning. More than half of adult Americans fail to use eye glasses or contacts and don't get comprehensive eye exams, therefore leaving their eyes at greater danger.

Studies show that many Americans are unaware about the actual severity of glaucoma. In a recent survey, the American Optometric Association reported that 67% of Americans are under the false impression that glaucoma is avoidable. In truth the sight-stealing disease cannot be prevented, though it is treatable if diagnosed during the beginning phases, making early detection much more important. Early detection and treatment are also necessary for preventing the damaging symptoms of additional eye diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts.

Early eye disease detection should be a priority. Make sure to schedule regular eye exams with your local eye doctor to keep up healthy eyes for many long years.